Touring Gear

The only way to truly comprehend how much gear we have for this trip is to sit and type it all out in a series of lists, like those that appear on the following pages. The only way to appreciate how little it amounts to is to spend a year selling off your worldly possessions, all that furniture and decor that turned a 2100 square-foot house into a home; all those clothes and tools and cookware and sports equipment. Though we will be renting a small storage unit so that we have some clothes and mementos to come home to, our lives have largely been reduced to the collection of simple utilitarian devices on these pages. What a wonderful state of liberation!

Those bags aren’t empty.

So what does one need to attempt a trip like this? Probably less than what we’re bringing. Or more. It’s up to you. We make no claim to be experts on the matter. What we can say is that an inordinate amount of time (Doug’s time, mostly) was spent researching nearly every purchase and everything was acquired for a reason. Those reasons may prove to be bunk and the research an exercise in procrastination, but as they say in the coach’s office, it looks good on paper.

Bikes and Luggage: Components list of our Salsa Fargos, the racks and panniers we chose, and the list of spare parts and tools we’re bringing.

Camping GearBreakdown of our tent, sleeping system, and Trangia cookstove, along with our various kitchen gadgets and cookware.

Clothing & PersonalComplete lists of what each of us are bringing to wear, both off-the-bike, and on-the-bike. This also includes toiletries and outerwear.

Electronics & GadgetsItemized list of our laptops, cameras, Kindles, and the accessories we’re bringing, as well bike computers and radio.

Safety and Health: The lowdown on what’s in our first aid kit and how we plan to address safety and health on the road.

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We're Doug & Kristin Walsh, a couple of Washingtonians who love to travel, both abroad and in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. We set off to travel the world in 2014, primarily by bicycle. We're back home now, but the travel bug continues to be fed every chance we get.

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