The Internet is chock full of great suggestions and advice on how to plan a trip like this. The blogs we list in the sidebar are just a few of the sites we found to be helpful and inspirational. That said, we want to do our part and throw a few helpful logs on the fire. This page contains a few lengthier articles that we put together chronicling everything from how we saved for the trip; put together a medical plan and vaccination schedule; underwent 9 treatments of laser hair removal (Kristin only, thankfully); and how to use the nifty budget tracking spreadsheet we’re sharing down below. If some of this seems a bit boring, we agree. The spreadsheets and whatnot are simply what you get when you give a professional project manager too many years to plan.

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We're Doug & Kristin Walsh, a couple of Washingtonians who love to travel, both abroad and in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. We set off to travel the world in 2014, primarily by bicycle. We're back home now, but the travel bug continues to be fed every chance we get.

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