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We’ve been fortunate to attract a bit of press attention over the two years we spent traveling. Enjoy these travel articles about our trip from quality outlets in Washington, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Pedaling away from the magical, fairytale millenium-old Mont Saint Michel abbey.
Pedaling away from the magical, millenium-old Mont Saint Michel abbey in northern France.

Snoqualmie Couple Embark on World-Wide Cycling Adventure

By Carol Ladwig

On a sunny March day in Snoqualmie, Doug and Kristin Walsh had no problem daydreaming about going on a long bike ride. That daydream may have gotten a little fuzzy now that they’re actually on that ride, fighting Montana winds on a blustery day in April, or cycling through snowdrifts in Minnesota in May, but the couple never seems to struggle with a loss of focus for long.

On the surface, their goal is to ride their bicycles basically around the world, to discover amazing cultures, sample exotic foods, and see places they’ve only read about, in a trip they estimate will take about three years. There’s more, though; this trip, started March 23, represents living life in the right order, something the career driven 30-somethings have long aspired to.

Continue reading at the Snoqualmie Valley Record

Cyclists are ‘Two Far Gone’ on World Tour

By Pamela MacKenzie

Doug Walsh, who was a track star for Carteret High School in the 1990s, and his wife, Kristin, who grew up in the Basking Ridge section of Bernards, are living out a dream that few people will experience in their lifetimes: They are biking around the world.

The dream started seven years ago while they were living in Seattle. Realizing they weren’t going to have children, they decided not to wait until their 60s and retirement to follow their hearts and do something exotic.

Continue reading at, home of the Home News Tribune

Ridge Graduate Biking Around the World

By W. Jacob Perry

BERNARDS TWP. – It’s challenging enough to circle the globe by plane, ship, train or automobile, but Doug and Kristin Walsh plan to do it on bicycles.

The couple has already completed the first phase by peddling across North America, and later this summer plan to sail for England and journey across Europe and Asia, with a goal of returning home in early 2017.

Continue reading at, home of the Bernardsville News.

In the News: Doug and Kristin Walsh ’97 Cycle Round the World

By Sharon Sanders

A year ago, Doug and Kristin Nahm Walsh ’97 quit their jobs and sold their house. On custom-equipped Salsa Fargo bicycles, they pedaled east from Seattle. They haven’t been home since.

Their journey has progressed through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, England, Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, and Italy.

Continue reading at Lafayette Magazine.

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