How Soon is Now?

It’s really happening. I’ll admit, there were times when I privately wondered if we’d ever actually achieve the momentum needed to really pull this off but here we are.

The nervous excitement we felt back in September while laying in our tent in Oregon during our dress rehearsal trip failed to compare to the feeling we experienced the morning Kristin left for work, ready to submit her resignation. But it was time. And so, the day before giving an unfortunately-timed leadership presentation, she headed into her supervisor’s office and gave six weeks’ notice. This would have been a lot easier had Kristin still been with her prior employer, but she really enjoyed working at Expeditors, was treated well, and saw a lot of opportunity for growth. Just earlier this week they were talking about supervisory promotions and bonus structures. As she hoped (and I suspected), they made her promise she’d call them the minute she was ready to go back to work.

Home for Sale
We really enjoyed our ten years in Snoqualmie Ridge, but it’s time to hit the road.

I, having wrapped up the last of my strategy guides in mid-January, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, was already effectively unemployed (dare I say temporarily retired?). It’s tough to walk away from such good careers, but we built this life for ourselves once and we’re confident we can do it again. The lack of any quick projects for me take on proved to be a blessing, for I was certainly not idle these past few weeks. Just as Kristin was having her meeting, our realtor was busy finishing up photographing our house, one I worked diligently to ready for its close-up. Carpet cleaning, paint touch-ups, a new sink, and window washing were just a few of the chores on my to-do list. It hit the market yesterday afternoon.

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]It’s tough to walk away from such good careers, but we built this life for ourselves once and we’re confident we can do it again.[/quote]

Everyone asks if we’re busy making last-minute plans, but the truth is less interesting. We’ve been in a state of hurry-up-and-wait for weeks. We hit our savings goal back in November (applause), already sold off one of our cars (among many, many other things), and have had little in the way of gear purchases to make. In fact, the only things we decided to buy was a second bike lock, some stick-on blaze orange reflectors for our panniers, and the Bike Buddy bottle-cage that can accommodate my one-liter fuel bottle. As for our itinerary, the abnormally low levels of snow in the Cascade Mountains means that not only will a North Cascades crossing likely be possible by the end of March, but the unseasonably warm weather has us eyeing a March 23rd departure date instead of the oft-mentioned April 1st date. This, of course, remains TBD. Spring snowstorms and a delayed opening of Highway 20 in north-central Washington would force us to take Highway 2 over Stevens Pass, a route we’re hoping to avoid. Either way, we’ll be on the road by the first of April, barring a blizzard.

And speaking of routs, how about those SEAHAWKS!!!

So now we sit and wait. Wait for the house to sell (hopefully quickly), wait for one final shot of the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in 28 days, and wait for the estate sale we have scheduled in early March. And speaking of which, Kristin will have an upcoming blog post about our vaccination experience including costs, schedules, and our battles with health insurance. Stay tuned.

Typhoid pills
Rabies, Yellow Fever, Polio, Hepatitis, and Japanese Encephalitis were injected, but we got to swallow our Typhoid vaccines.

Of course, we’re also riding when we can. Our stable of bicycles has dwindled from eight to four and the time for me to part with my two remaining mountain bikes is drawing near. Then it will just be the two Salsa Fargos we’ll be becoming all-too familiar with in the coming weeks and months (and years?!?). They still need names.

Bike Buddy
The fully adjustable Bike Buddy bottle cage can handle our over-sized fuel bottle.

But while we spend the coming weeks boxing up those few items we’re keeping and counting down the days till our departure, we do want to reach out to our friends and family and let everyone know our plan for this blog. Our goal is to update the blog every 1-2 weeks with photo-filled updates from the road along with the occasional gear review or update to the Countries Visited page of this site. In between blog posts, we’ll provide periodic updates to our Facebook page every few days, wifi willing. The one thing we want to be upfront about is that enjoying the moment is far more important to us than worrying about how we post about it.

Kristin bandaid
Kristin was all too happy to be sporting her Hello Kitty bandage after her Japanese Encephalitis shot.

If all goes according to plan, this will be the most boring blog post I ever write.

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Doug Walsh

Writer, Traveler

Doug Walsh is a writer, traveler, cyclist, and gamer who spent two years traveling from Seattle to Singapore, the long way around, by bicycle and sea. He's the author of the upcoming novel "Tailwinds Past Florence."

  1. I’ll be watching and am looking forward to you impressions of the countries you visit. What are your interactions with the regular people? Will you have to be careful of what you send in some of the countries? Are you bringing antibiotics with you? Enjoy your trip.

  2. Margaret and I are so excited for you guys!! We can’t wait to follow all of your adventures and see where the roads take you. Wow….how cool is this!?!? Time will fly by between now and March, but we hope to see you guys again before the time comes for you to depart.

  3. Stevens Pass can be pretty good if you stay off the highway, and you can for most of it. Hit me up for a route if it comes to that. Really looking forward to following your adventure!

    1. Thanks Art. Yeah, I’m aware of the off-the-highway route, but it will be under snow in late March. We’ll be on highway 2 across most of Montana, I’d just rather not take Stevens Pass because it’s not as scenic and it would only give us a two day warmup before a major pass as opposed to a nice leisurely trip across Whidbey Island and the Skagit Valley en route to Washington Pass.

  4. Congrats Doug and Kristin – what a cool time anticipating the start of your adventure. I’ll be following along. Doug, how about I organize an AB ride before you part with those Mountain Bikes?

  5. I can hardly believe it. We’ve been talking about this for so long. March will be here before we know it. Before you guys hit the road, I have to get on top of planning that party. 🙂 I love you guys and am so excited for you. Thank you for spelling out what we can expect to see here… Live in the moment. I’ll hold down the fort. 😉

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