19 March, 2015

Our Grand Hakone Loop

Some days need to be recorded for posterity. Our second full day in Japan, chronicled in this post, was one of those days. It began, like so many mornings on the other side of the world do, wide awake at 4 a.m.  Jet lagged and excited I quietly slipped out from under the duvet, padded across […]

24 February, 2015

A Winter to Remember

The thermometer read -8.7º F (-22º C) when I came down for coffee this morning. The snow outside, blanketing the field out the window of the bedroom-turned-office I spend my days in, fell over a month ago. It doesn’t melt, it only deepens, compacts, and hardens. I had forgotten what winter felt like. Sure, we’d get […]

5 February, 2015

The Ghost Town Down the Shore

Having not lived in New Jersey since my teenage years, I should have no reason for knowing the casinos of Atlantic City as well as I do. I shouldn’t be able to reminisce. I shouldn’t be able to tell you about the time, at age nineteen, I made it to the final table of an invitation-only craps […]

23 January, 2015

Surprises, Ghost Stories, and a Road Trip

“Do you see them? Maybe Dad’s sleeping. Do you see anyone?” I hid in the corner by the front door peppering Doug with questions as he rang the doorbell to my parent’s Florida beach house. I had butterflies in my stomach and couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces. After all, they thought […]

12 January, 2015

Detours Ahead

“And then, after Italy, we’ll continue east through Greece and Turkey before heading up into Georgia and making our way across Central Asia to China.” I could see the hotel manager’s imagination was running wild, his eyes widened as they panned across the map of our proposed route. He asked how long it would take […]

6 January, 2015

A New Year in An Other Italy

“So where are you now?” It was the standard start to the weekly conversations we  have with family. What used to be time spent talking about the weather and our jobs is now occupied with ritualistic queries about where we are and where we’re headed. Next week, the second answer becomes the first and a new […]

24 December, 2014

All Roads Lead to Rome

While the mental hassle and physical challenge of touring in Morocco managed to sap some of our enthusiasm for bicycle travel, it only took a few days in bella Italy to fully rejuvenate our spirits–and then some! For nowhere else does it feel perfectly normal to stop in the middle of a mountain climb, wet from the rain, […]

13 December, 2014

Escape from Morocco

Our time in Morocco has come to an end and, beautiful photos and a few choice memories aside, I coudn’t be happier. And it’s disappointing to say that, as Morocco was one of the three countries I always listed when asked where I was most excited to go (Scotland and New Zealand were the other […]

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General Stats
Days Travelling: 392
Countries Visited: 14
Current Location: Japan
Next Up: Indonesia

Distance by Bicycle: 9,523 miles
Distance by Rail: 2,077 miles
Distance by Auto: 2,499 miles
Distance by Sea: 4,352 nautical miles
Distance by Air: 10,782 nautical miles

Currently Reading
Doug: "Love and Death in Bali" by Vicki Baum
Kristin: "Love and Death in Bali" by Vicki Baum

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Doug: 9,807 points
Kristin: 10,704 points

Cycling: Seattle to Rome...
March 23, 2014 to January 6th, 2015

Days Traveled: 290
Days Cycled: 173

Distance Pedaled: 9,523 miles (15,325 km)
Elevation Gain: 335,244 feet (102,184 m)
Flat Tires: 10
Broken Spokes: 2

Current as of April 18th, 2015

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That’s What He Said…

It’s not giving up to put your current path on indefinite pause.

Timothy Ferris

All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.

Samuel Johnson

You have comfort. You don’t have luxury. And don’t tell me that money plays a part. The luxury I advocate has nothing to do with money. It cannot be bought. It is the reward of those who have no fear of discomfort.

Jean Cocteau

We’re a cross between our parents and hippies in a tent.

Jack Johnson

The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.

Christopher Morley

Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.

Billy Connolly

To travel is better than to arrive.

Robert M. Pirsig

Before the development of tourism, travel was conceived to be like study, and its fruits were considered to be the adornment of the mind and the formation of the judgement.

Timothy Ferris

When you’re safe at home, you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure, you wish you were safe at home.

Thornton Wilder

Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

Mark Twain

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